Capabilities & Solutions

Salticom is familiar and has a proven experience in the following domains :

  • Commercial private digital radio systems: DMR, TDMA & FDMA
  • Private semi duplex radio networks - single and multi-site, explosion-proof (EExd) radio systems for potentially explosive areas
  • Private digital radio trunking systems - TETRA
  • VHF/HF -Aeronautical radio transmission systems - NDB
  • Microwave radio systems all bands: SDH - PDH - PTP - PTMP
  • Integrated network management systems (NMS)
  • Fiber optic transmission systems: SDH - WDM
  • WLAN / WAN cable networks in optical fiber and FTP cable
  • Network synchronization systems (NTP servers)
  • Access control systems (ACS)
  • Public address & general alarm systems (PAGA)
  • Video surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • Telephone and PBX systems: analog, digital, VoIP
  • Satellite communication systems: fixed and mobile / terminal stations - PTP - PTMP - commercial (Inmarsat, VSAT, etc.)